Everything You Need To Know About Mattresses
Everything You Need To Know About Mattresses

Everything you need to know about mattresses
Sleeping is a luxury that depends on more than one factor, the biggest being the kind of mattress one uses. The kind of mattresses one uses goes a long way in developing healthy sleeping habits. So, when you place an order for a mattress, there are many aspects that matter, such as the size of the bed, the size of the mattress, the type, the brand, etc. The dimensions for king-sized mattresses and queen-sized mattresses differ from place to place. For instance, a king-sized bed in the country is pretty wide in comparison to other countries like Australia and the UK. Mattresses are not an everyday buy and so a judicious decision has to be made before you choose one. Look for all the tips to make the buying experience an easy one.

Below is some information about the mattress sizes, types, and more.

What are the mattress sizes available in the country?
The mattress sizes available in the country are as follows:

  • The maximum size of a king-sized mattress is 76/80 inches.
  • The California king size for tall people is of the size 72/84 inches.
  • The California queen size mattress is a little shorter with measurement of 60/80 inches.
  • The full XL is again for taller people and comes in the size of 53/80 inches.
  • The twin XL has a considerably smaller width but has a good length and has a size of 38/80 inches. It is best for single occupancy.
  • The twin size is again perfect for single sleepers at a size of 38/75 inches. You can customize the size as per your needs and comfort.
  • The crib mattress comes at a size of 27/52 inches.
  • The toddler mattress has 2 sizes, 27/52 and 30/75 inches.
  • The Olympic queen comes in a size of 66/80 inches.
  • The full size is both for single and sharing and comes in a size of 54/75 inches.

What are the different types of mattresses available in the country?
Below are some of the common types of mattresses available in the country:

  • Innerspring mattress– Innerspring use metal springs for internal support.
  • Latex mattress– Latex mattresses make use of latex foam. If you are suffering from back pain, this is your mattress. It is ideal for stomach, side, as well as back sleepers.
  • Memory foam mattress– Memory foam mattresses are great for comfort as well as support. A popular choice, memory foam mattresses conform to your body depending on how you sleep.
  • Pillow-top mattress– For the ones who still sleep without a pillow, then this mattress is the perfect one. This type is usually ideal for side sleepers.
  • Hybrid foam mattress– Hybrid foam is made with a steel coil support system along with memory foam for extra comfort.
  • Pocket coil foam mattress– The pocket coil foam is a type of innerspring mattress. It is durable and comfortable. Individually wrapped springs in a fabric form pocket coils.
  • Gel mattress- A smart gel mattress is made by adding gel to a memory foam mattress. This is done either in the support system or in the upholstery layer. Gel mattresses dissipate your body heat.

What are the pointers that you need to keep in mind while choosing the mattress size?

  • Choosing a mattress size is a tricky affair and thereby understanding the best fit is crucial.
  • Your room dimensions are very important as moving the mattress in and out of your room can be a Herculean task.
  • The mattress size should match the bed size. Therefore, carefully measuring the same is essential.
  • Another important factor for choosing the right size is the height of the sleepers. As tall people often need longer mattresses.

How do you measure the size perfectly?

  • Your box spring measurements must be completely accurate before you go in for choosing a mattress. The box spring frame measurements are necessary before you go for that final buy.
  • Don’t jumble up the king size and California size mattress sizes, they are different. The king size is 76/80 inches and a California size is 72/84 inches.
  • Measure in inches from the bottom to the top.

How much do different mattresses cost?

  • The size, the type, the dimensions, and the brand are some of the main factors that decide the cost of a mattress.
  • You could shell out approximately $250 to $5,000 on a queen size mattress. There are also queen size mattresses priced at around $700 to $1,800.
  • For a single mattress, the price can be as low as about $399.
  • King size mattress can cost you anywhere from approximately $449 and upwards.
  • California king size starts at around $300 onwards.
  • Twin size mattresses can be easily affordable at about $70 onwards.